• Hello Families!

    As your child’s teacher, I look to you as a partner in your child’s education. I look to you to continue what we do at school and reinforce it at home. We all need to work together, so your child grows to be the best they can be! With that being said, your child will bring homework home weekly in their notebook. Creating a special time to do “school work” each day is important for your child. Being consistent shows them that school is valued and important.


    • HW Info: 

    The activities concentrate on letters of the alphabet, recognizing, sounds, and writing the letters. Practicing writing their names. Next, the level will be sight words. Homework could be done in 10 minutes but not last more than 30 minutes.

    Reading Each Night: Please be sure to read each night with your child! Checking for comprehension, letting them retell the story, giving your child time to sound out words, look for sight words and predict upcoming events help support growing readers!


    • Who Does The Work?

    Parents, please let your child do the writing, tracing and sounding out. This is excellent practice and your encouragement can mean the world to them! If your child needs help spelling a word, please help them write down the sounds they hear by sounding the word out with them. The more practice your child gets, the more confident they become and more they learn!

    Monthly Projects:

    Once a month we will have a FAMILY project! The projects are fun and interactive!


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Thank you for your support and dedication to your child’s learning!