Communication is key to our success as a team, with our common goal being your child's success.

    I need your help with keeping our lines of communication open.  There are so many ways to communicate, but we will be using ClassDojo as our primary means of communication.  Though my email and phone are available, if absolutely necessary, everything you will need for your child's success will be available via the content on my district site and ClassDojo.

    Please be sure to register your account - ask for your child's "what core do they have math?"  Then choose the ClassDojo link for your child's core.  Please email me screenshots of your problem if you are unable to get connected.  

    Here are some basics for staying engaged with your child's academic success.

    • We will start toward success because success is the desired outcome.  This why it is important to stay informed and engaged because things change faster than can be immediately communicated.  Staying in touch with what is going on enables you, as your child's chief advocate, to make informed, appropriate decisions in relation to assisting with his or her success.


    • Your child's grades will be updated weekly and can be accessed by you through PowerSchools.  Please contact me if you are having any issue with accessing your PowerSchools account to view their progress.


    • All your child's classwork assignments will be available through Canvas.  There will be homework given and this will be mostly paper handouts to be returned the next day.  Your child is expected to return his or her work on time.  Classwork is 25% and homework accounts for 15% of your scholar's total grade.  Late assignments will receive a reduced grade.  


    • Your student will have weekly assessments to check on his or her knowledge of the section/standard(s) we are working on that week.  Quizzes and Tests will be the primary tools used to measure your child's understanding of what we are covering.  Tests account for 35% and quizzes make up 25% of the total grade.