• Brittany Bagwell

    "I joined the JPA because the academy provides the community with ways to help us grow mentally as parents and as human beings. The greatest thing I learned from the Jacket Parent Academy was that it’s okay to set boundaries with friends/family and having the extra support from the Community Engagement Coordinator and other parents participating in the program gave me the courage to do just that. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has made the Jacket Parent Academy a success. This has been an amazing opportunity."

    Brittany Hamilton (2022 graduate)


    Amber Daly

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to be able to do my part as a parent and provide support to the school. I also wanted to help other parents become aware of community resources for their own personal enrichment."

    Amber Daly (2022 graduate)


    Tabitha Dickerson

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to become more involved in the school system as a whole (outside of my children's classroom and sports).

    Tabitha Dickerson (2023 graduate)


    Chandera Creamer

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy as I believe parents should be visible and active in their child's school.I believe we as parents should partner with teachers, schools and community organizations to make Lexington City Schools a better place for our children. Be the change, not just talk.

    Chandera Creamer (2023 graduate)




    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy with the help of my best friend. There has been so much I have learned and the fun I've had during the sessions has been wonderful. Being a stay-at home mom, it was great being able to interact with other parents.

    Margaret Christian (2023 graduate)



    I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to learn how best to support my niece in her development. My wife and sister-in-law were both involved last year and spoke highly of the program. I learned how to be a better listener and also to have an appreciation of how different her experiences are compared to mine at her age. The program helped me relate better and be a better uncle.

    Drew Duncan (2023 graduate)


  • Kaliyah Marshall“I chose to join the Jacket Parent Academy for my child and to educate myself on things I normally would not take the time out to learn on my own.” Kaliyah Marshall (2022 graduate)


    Tashinna Patterson

    I joined the Jacket Parent Academy because I wanted to not only be involved with my daughter's education but I also wanted to boost my mindset to a positive one and hold myself accountable. I wanted to strengthen my daily life skills to better myself and my child so that we can grow and be empowered in moving towards our future endeavors.”

     Tashina Patterson (2022 graduate)


    Samantha Williams

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy because I wanted to be more involved as a parent in the schools and in the community. My experience has been awesome as I receive the chance to volunteer and enjoy the classes being taught by members of community organizations.”

    Sammi Williams (2022 graduate)


    Brittany Marshall

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to be more in tune with my children beyond basic parenting skills."

    Brittany Marshall (2023 graduate)


    Lonelle McDonald

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to help my son succeed in school. The Jacket Parent Academy provides opportunities for students, but also provides resources and support for families. It's a great way to stay connected to the pulse of my child's education and LCS.

    Lonelle McDonald (2023 graduate)



    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy because I, as a parent, want to know what is happening in the school system and how I can support the system. I was not aware of all the other amazing activities the JPA does, but I am very glad I joined.

    Tania Del Carmen (2023 graduate)  




    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy without any idea of what I was signing up for, but it was one of the best decisions.This was an amazing experience for me. I met many new people and had some great experiences that my children were able to be a part of. The sessions are very informative and the outings are enjoyable. I can't wait to see what the year holds as a JPA alumni member.

    Kayla DeLaMadrid (2023 graduate)  



  • Brittiny Olds

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy because I wanted a way to get involved in my child's schooling. The Jacket Parent Academy is a great way to have your voice heard as a parent. Joining the Jacket Parent Academy is one of the best things I've done.”

    Brittiny Olds (2022 graduate)

    Christina Lawrence

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to help me understand what my daughter was learning. I also joined to help myself as I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to graduate from the academy."

    Christina Lawrence (2023 graduate)

     Tammara Jackson

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy as an opportunity to get more involved with the school system. I was awarded many opportunities that the classes provided. This program helped me become more connected with my daughter and provided so much information on how to become a better parent. You gain another family when you join the Jacket Parent Academy. I believe every parent should join this program.

    Tammara Jackson (2023 graduate)



    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy to receive help on how to handle my children's educational process as a whole, in addition to their daily work/assignments/expectations.

    Javier Zuniga (2023 graduate)


    Lakesha Lattimore

    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy as I was looking for ways that I could connect/reconnect with my middle school daughter and learn how I could best help her as she was embracing a new chapter in her life.

    Lakisha Lattimore (2023 graduate)





    “I joined the Jacket Parent Academy as I wanted a way to be more involved with my child's education. I wanted to meet other parents who also wanted to learn and be involved and develop relationships and connections. The Jacket Parent Academy served as an avenue that allowed for improvement. As a bonus, it was fun!"

    Stephanie Sharrone (2023 graduate)