• The Jacket Academic Boosters would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their support, which enables us to recognize Lexington City Schools' students for their outstanding academic achievements!
    LES Poetry Writing Contest sponsorship:  Katherine Hester
    LES Battle of the Books sponsorship:  Drs. Sims and Cathy Riggan
    LMS Battle of the Books sponsorship: Drs. Sims and Cathy Riggan
    LES Math 24 sponsorship:  Frank and Nancy Cagle
    Michael and Jen Allen
    Eddie and Jemmietta Allred
    Ed and Carol Jordan
    Terry and Deborah Arnold
    Bunce Buildings
    Sandy and Terry Reynolds
    Teen & Tim Timberlake
    Sara DeLapp
    Dawn’s Bridals, Inc
    Raeann and Chris Allred  
    Billy West and Stacy Sosebee-West
    Lexington City Board of Education
    Jim Myers
    City of Lexington Utilities
    Lexington City Council
    Sylvia Walser
    Becky Abernethy
    Joni Walser
    Ted and Nina Smith
    The Walser Family
    Ellen Garrett
    Joni Walser
    Kay Hoover Sowers
    Brinkley Walser Stoner, PLLC
    Charity League of Lexington