• May 9-13

    Our ELA(Reading)focus will be to retell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

    We will continue to segment(sound out words) into parts.

    Identifying the parts of a book(front, back, title page, and spine).  We will continue to work on Reading Behaviors, such as: reading left to right, tracking print( putting a finger under each word as we read) where to begin reading on the page, what a period means, identifying a capital, and identifying the first and last part of a sentence. We are focusing on our Reading Strategies.

    Our Math focus will be to identify numbers 0-30.

    Count out sets 0-20 and matches with the correct number.

    Identify and name 2-D shapes- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and hexagon, and 3 D shapes - cone, cube, spere, cylinder

    Letterland: Identifying the letters and the sound they make.  We are learning to segment words(sound them out)

    Sight words: read, too, only

    Word Families: ook

    CGI- Solve simple addition and subtraction word problem 0-20