• Dear Parent,

    In order to guarantee your child, and all the students in our classroom,  have the learning climate they deserve, we utilize a “BEST Kids” discipline plan. (BEST-Bright, Excelling, Students of Today) 

    Our Rules


    • Listen to others 
    • Walk inside the school
    • Use a quiet voice
    • Follow directions quickly. 
    • Be kind to others


    Remember- We are all friends!  


    Students will start their day at Ready to Learn!    They each have a stick or clip with their name on it. 

    Smart kids make super choices 

    Outstanding- The student has gone beyond the call! (You have done an outstanding job today!) The student might have helped a friend or did a task without being told.  They will have Boss Baby on their name to indicate they were working and learning like a Boss! 



    Great Job- The student has been a super helper today. 

    Sharing like a BOSS

    Good Day- The student may have been recognized outside the classroom. (You used your “smartness” for good reading or math. You were following directions and listening.) 


    Unfortunately,  sometimes Boss kids make poor choices. 

    Stop and Think /1st consequence- The student receives a verbal warning. The briefcase will not be moved  (Time for me to think about getting back on track.)

    Teacher’s Choice / 2nd consequence - The student continues to make poor decisions. There will be a yellow mark on their behavior chart. The student will lose free choice of center and some center time. They will move their “briefcase”  to yellow.  (I decided not to change my behavior so I chose to face the consequences.)

    This provides a visual reminder to the student to correct the behavior. 

    Parent Contact /3rd consequence- Student moves “briefcase”  to the Parent Contact.  A red mark is placed in the behavior chart. A small note will be written on the behavior chart. The student will be asked to think about their choices.  ALL privileges will be taken away.   If needed, the student will be sent to another room or separate place in our room for a cool down. Following a student's “cool down” he/she will discuss with the teacher the reasons such discipline was necessary.  In cases of physical contact where a student does not keep his or her hands or feet to themselves then the student is automatically placed on red. Also, if another teacher or adult calls on a student in the hall or classroom then a student is placed on red. (I decided not to change my behavior so my parents need to know how I acted today.

    4th consequence - Phone Call home- The student is very disruptive to the learning environment. ( I disrupted not only my learning but I interfered with other student’s learning.

    Please check your child’s behavior sheet daily. Please praise your child for a Good Day!  If it is marked yellow then you may need to discuss ways to make better choices. If your child is on red, then please reinforce the rules and go over ways to have a better day. Please have patience and understanding the first few weeks as we practice rules and expectations. I will contact you if I feel that we need to discuss your child’s behavior. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email, send a note, or call. 


    Ms. Staub sstaub@lexcs.org 336-242-1544