• We will start using spring as a theme for many of our academic concepts.  We will start journaling "Watching things grow".  We will plant seeds and document as they change through the different stages.  We will also watch live caterpillars as they transform into butterflies.  This will provide our students with the scientific skills needed to be successful in today's world.  

    I am excited to report that many of our students now know their letters.  We will begin to assign "words of the week" to these students.  If your child has moved to the word stage please have your child learn to read, write and spell their "word of the week".   Other skills we are working on over the next couple of months include creating our own patterns, writing words/sentences, independently writing our names and matching upper and lowercase letters.

    Please remember to have reading logs updated by the end of every month.  Our Reading Celebration is the first Friday of every month.