• Please be sure to work with your child on their letter/word of the week by identifying the letter/word, writing the letter/word and learning the sound.  As your child advances, you can move up to having your child write words that start with their letter.

    Please be sure to read to your child each night and write the book(s) on the reading Log.

    Complete the family projects for each month.

    Complete homework in your child's folder by the following Monday

    November:  Decorate the plate we send home with pictures/drawings of food items that you have for a special celebration.  On the back of the plate write down any traditions that you do for your special event.

    December:  The family project for this month is to make a home made ornament for our tree.  You can make it any way that you would like as long as it is from the heart.  We would like to have them by the first week of December if possible.  Please include your child in the process of making their ornament.