• Please continue to work with your child on their letter of the week.  Many of our students have shown incredible progress learning their letters.  Over the remainder of the school year have your child learn the sound associated with their letter.  Have them find items around the house that begins with the letter/sound.  You can have them write words to practice identifying words that they can associate with their letter's sound.  Thank you for logging your reading log with your child.  We will continue to have our reading celebrations the first Friday of the month.  Our class had the most books read last month "YEAH!!!"

    Family project:  

    February:  Make a card with your child for the teacher, therapist or special friend.

    March:  Go on a green scavenger hunt (inside or outside). How many items did you find? What is the initial letter for each item found?  Write the initial letter for each item or the word if your child is capable of doing this activity.

    or Make a Leprechaun trap (be creative)

    April:  Cut out and Decorate the egg your child brings home

    Remember to check folders for homework & keep Reading Logs current. Thank you!