• Welcome to music class!!   I look forward to teaching you all about music.  We will laugh, learn, and always make wonderful music in different ways.  We will use our voices (singing), our bodies (body percussion), instruments, and movement.  

    The expectations for my classroom are the same as for the whole school building.  

    I expect:

    That you listen to, and follow all directions.

    That you always try your best.  Regardless of how well you succeed!  

         I want to see your mistakes!  This lets me know that you are trying!!  We can always fix mistakes!

    That you always come ready to work

    That you are respectful of your fellow classmates, teachers, any other adults, or students in our class.  I also expect that you respect the instruments!

    That you raise your hand, and wait your turn to talk.  


    If you ever have questions about what we are learning, please raise your hand to ask.  Maybe even one of your classmates could help you with your question!

    P- please enter and exit quietly

    O- on task, all the time

    I- inside voices

    N- necessary to follow directions

    T- Treat people and things with respect

    S- speak when it is your turn