• In our classroom, I strive to have a positive environment where students enjoy school and treat each other with respect. I expect all students to have a positive attitude, have/show respect for everyone, integrity and to always do the right thing.



    Ms. Borrego's Classroom Expectations -


    • Students actively Listen, Make good eye contact, and participate.
    • Students cooperate with your teacher and classmates.
    • Always be kind and encourage others.
    • Accept and respect everyone. 
    • Use positive words and body language.
    • Take responsibility for your actions
    • ALWAYS Be honest.
    • Stop, think, and make good choices.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
    • Pay attention and follow all directions the first time.
    • Be prepared and on time. 
    • Give your best effort.

    & HAVE FUN!