•  My Philosophy

    All students and teachers have the right to be treated with respect, to feel safe, and to work in a positive atmosphere.  All students have the right to listen, learn and be heard without interference.  We believe all of our students can behave appropriately and we will not tolerate behavior that stops us from teaching and/or any student from learning.

    Our Rules

    1. Show respect for yourself and others at all times
    2. Behave in a safe and orderly manner at all times  
    3. Be responsible
    4. Follow directions
    5. Be ready and willing to learn each day


    1. Warning
    2. Time out in the classroom
    3. Loss of privilege
    4. Time out in another location and a phone call or a note home
    5. Office referral
    • Severe rules violations will result in immediate office referral


    1. A quality education
    2. Praise
    3. Notes and phone calls home
    4. Special privileges and treats