Questions and Concerns

If you have a question about Lexington City Schools, the best sources of information are the principals and teachers who are involved in the school on a daily basis. If you need information beyond the school level the system's staff members can assist you.

Principal's phone numbers may be found on their school's homepage. Central Office personnel may be contacted at (336) 242 -1527 or by fax (336) 249-3206.

Question First Contact Second Contact

Adult Education

Nicole Piggott

Pat Phillips/ DCCC

After School Care Program Principal Superintendent

Board of Education Policy Superintendent

Child's Enrollment in School Principal Superintendent

Children with Special Needs Principal Jennifer Brown

Curriculum or Instruction Principal

Emy Garrett
Nicole Piggott

Driver Education High School Principal

Nicole Piggott

Federally Funded Programs Principal
Cathy Misenhiemer

Participation in Student Activities Teacher (Sponsor) Principal

Pupil Transfers (Out-of-District) Amy Potts

Safety Committee Cathy Misenhiemer Superintendent

School Attendance Laws Principal Superintendent

School Breakfast / Lunch Principal Amelia Holland

School Board Meetings Modestine Richards Superintendent

School Bus Transportation Principal David Burnett

School Buildings and Grounds Principal

School Budget Shelly Gentle Superintendent

State and Regional Accreditation Principal Superintendent

Student Testing Program Principal / Teacher Hope Tesh

Substitute Teachers Principal Modestine Richards

Technology Principal Celia Gossett

Using a School Facility (Rental) Modestine Richards Principal

Career/Technical Education Principal

Nicole Piggott