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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Education, University of Maine 2011 B.A. Radio/Television Production - San Diego State University 1989. A.A. National University - San Diego, CA. 1987

Mr. (Bernard) Jim Sharkey

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Jim Sharkey. I am the 6th grade EC teacher at Lexington Middle School. 

I have been teaching students with disabilities since 2010. I have taught high school students with emotional disabilities and students with autism in Westbrook, Maine; elementary school students with autism, in Roanoke, Virginia; and students with learning disabilities in Winston-Salem and now here at LMS. I also play music throughout the southeast but not so much recently with the coronavirus lockdown, which is fine because teaching fulltime is enough to occupy all of my time.

I enjoy teaching students academically, but also socially and emotionally. It's not easy to navigate the present, but it's so important to spend time encouraging students and allowing them to make mistakes so they can find ways to overcome challenges and to realize the power they have within themselves to change the world. I don't mean that as a cliche, I truly believe we all can change the world in small but significant ways. I grew up in Ireland and have always remembered cycling home from school one day with an elderly man who had no chance to become educated. His fate was to emigrate and work in England on building sites laboring in difficult conditions. As we cycled home that day he told me and my brother "Use this time to get yer edjicashin, boys. I'm going home to an impty house. If I had edjicashin things id be diffrint." The fact that he didn't get a formal education, which we often take for granted, in no way diminished the man's dignity and integrity, and I have always respected his advice although the truth of it didn't come to me until later in life when I, too, emigrated and decided I had better get my GED, go to night school during my time in the US Navy, and later on to college. It's doable but harder when one gets older. There are so many more demands. I want my students to use this time wisely and not have to catch up later. 

This is my second year here. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I'll do my best to help. Thanks :)