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    Welcome to the resource designed especially for parents & guardians…..The Jacket Parent Academy (JPA)!

    The Jacket Parent Academy aims to guide parents in feeling more secure and highly confident in helping their child excel academically.

    3 Circles of JPA



    The goal of this academy is to seek parent involvement, support parents in their involvement and strive for student-parent success in student academics (S3 approach).  

    Studies have shown that parent involvement is an essential part of a student’s wellbeing. When parents are involved, improvement is shown in behavior, attitude, attendance and grades as students tend to show positive behaviors and attitude, have better social skills, attend school on a regular basis and make better grades. These many wonderful benefits, and others, that accompany a parent's presence will strengthen the overall academic experience.

    Parents, Lexington City Schools (LCS) need you! Help us maximize student success by maximizing parent success. Please continue to visit our site and learn more about the Jacket Parent Academy.