Employment Opportunities

  • Lexington City Schools has an online employment application system called TalentEd.  This system provides an innovative way to streamline the hiring process.  Applicants will experience an enhanced, user-friendly system when applying for positions. 


    To apply for career opportunities, use the Employment Opportunities information below to view current vacancies and apply for available positions.


    1. Visit the LCS TalentEd Job Board

    IMPORTANT:  The TalentEd Job Board application is NOT compatible with mobile devices or tablets. You must use a desktop or laptop computer to complete the application.

    1. Login with your LCS TalentEd Account

      1. If you already have an LCS TalentEd account, you may use it to log in at the top of the page. Then proceed to Step 3 below.
      2. If you do not have an LCS TalentEd account, continue to Step 3 below.

    2. Search for available positions.

      1. On the LCS TalentEd Job Board webpage, type a search term in the search bar and hit Enter.  Ex: Principal, Teacher, Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Maintenance, etc.
      2. Click on the job title you are applying for.
      3. Review the job description. If interested, click the button on the right labeled “Apply for Position.”

    3. Apply for the position.
      1. After choosing “Apply for Position,”, you will be directed to the Application page. From there, you can:
        1. Create a New TalentEd Account – under the “I am a new applicant” section, select “Create New Account and Apply.” Follow the instructions on the screen.
        2. Existing TalentEd LCS Account – If you have not already done so, you can login from this page in the section titled:  “I already have a HIRE account with LCS.”  Follow the instructions on the screen.
        3. Transfer Another TalentEd Account – under the “I want to transfer my account” section, enter the requested information and click Continue. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    4. Applications will be reviewed. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via email through the LCS Job Board. Please check your email frequently.

    5. If you receive an email through the LCS TalentEd Job Board, it will provide additional information needed, including Orientation and the Onboarding Process.  The Onboarding Process requires:
      1. Criminal Background Check
      2. Drug Screening
      3. Identification Documents – acceptable forms of identification will be provided by the HR Department prior to onboarding

    **Note: Information regarding the Background Check and Drug Screening will be discussed during the Onboarding Process.***


    • A cover letter and resume are required as part of the application process. You will upload these items to your online portfolio. Please do not send them via email unless asked to do so by a prospective employer.  

    • If you do not see a posting for the job(s) that you are interested in, please consider applying for a position in a general category.  To do so, locate TYPE in the gray menu bar and click on the drop down arrow. Select any of the following general categories:
      • Licensed (positions that require a Professional Educator’s License)
      • Classified (such as clerical, custodial, teacher assistant, tech support, maintenance, or child nutrition/cafeteria)
      • Bus Driver
      • Substitute – Please check the HR Department menu or click HERE for specific information regarding employment as a Substitute.

        ***By applying for a position in a general category, you make your application visible to our district. Please continue to check the LCS Job Board for future employment opportunities.**



    For teacher and school administrator applicants, if you do NOT currently hold a NC teaching license, we will also need copies of college transcripts, Praxis II scores, and a copy of your teaching license if you are licensed in another state. You can upload these documents as part of the application process.  If you have a NC teaching license, you can skip this step.